"eConnect Books excite readers because they are graphically rich, interactive
ebooks that link the readers to the author and to each other."
--Dave Ellis, President, best-selling author
eConnect Books allow continual communication among the readers and between the author and each reader. The books are graphically enhanced and interactive. The graphics are designed to capture and hold the reader's attention, to engage the right brain while the left brain reads, and to foster the reader's creativity. The interactivity is designed to get readers to co-create, commit to changes, and even demonstrate proficiency with the material.
If you are visiting this website as a reader, please start in this first column and then follow the links below or into our bookstore where you can purchase books that we publish as well as interactive eBooks available from others. You can read and interact with these books from your iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, or computer.

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If you want to read and interact with one of the books that you have purchased and registered, login here and select the book that you want. The ways you can interact with a book include exchanging messages with the author; adding, saving, sharing, or reviewing notes that you have created; and, for some books, even more.

If you want to form a group so that you can share your notes with others, login and enter the information about your new group. This is also the place to go to communicate with your group or add or delete members. All these functions can also be done within your book.

Some books have the ability to have a teacher or a coach assigned to them. These people are special group leaders that have been approved by the author. If you want to associate yourself with a book as a teacher or a coach, please submit a request to be a teacher or coach. If you have received that designation then you can monitor the participation of the people in your group and send them individual or group messages as well as receive messages from them. You can also get information about the participation of the members of your group.

If you want to experiment with many of the unique features of eConnect Books, you can sample a book right on your computer. If you download our free app from your favorite app store, you can also sample books.
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In addition to finding the book on an app store, eConnect books can also be located through Amazon, Apple's bookstore, or other online book vendors where samples can be downloaded for free or for a small charge. These samples will then give readers a taste of the book and an introduction to the interactivity and connectivity that is available from the application. The advantage of this introduction or sample book is that it allows a potential reader to find the book no matter where they look.

If you publish a book with eConnect Books, you are likely to sell more books because our platform gets readers more actively involved in the book and gives them an easy way to invite others to buy it so that they can read it together. Each book develops its own social network where readers and authors discuss the ideas and expand on the concepts.

As an author, you are in communication with your readers so that you can know more about what they like and don’t like regarding your ideas and your writing. You also get the benefit of their thinking so that you are all co-creating. You can collect data about what your readers are learning through the exercises and any quizzes or surveys that you include.

Through our website you get real-time registration and participation data. You get to see not only how many people are registering your book but also how many are using it and in what ways they are finding it valuable.

If you publish your book with us, you can update it frequently and have those updates quickly available to all readers.

We have an editing and design team that can support you in the creation of your book. We offer webinars and workshops that help you make the writing process easier, quicker, and more profitable.

eConnectBooks selects authors who are committed to engaging their readers in an ongoing dialogue where their readers collaborate with each other, the author, and the material.

We are looking for authors who want to stimulate readers’ creativity. We want to publish books that engage the readers and encourage them to communicate with other readers as well as the author.

We look for authors who are willing to create material in bite-size, randomly accessible pieces and that contain exercises designed to inspire readers to think what they’ve never thought and write what they’ve never written.

We also want authors who are willing to add graphics to their books so that the books reach a variety of learning styles. Centuries ago books were highly illustrated, because those early authors knew the importance of engaging the right brain as well as the left brain. They knew how to create a book that was beautiful in its design as well as its message. That’s what we are returning to and now illustrations are even more engaging than early authors could imagine. Our illustrations can now be animated, combined with sound, and interactive.

We create books that are more like apprenticeships. People learn best in relationship.

Our books create an interactive relationship among the readers and with the author. Traditional books deliver information from the author to the reader. This is one-way communication. eConnect books create a conversation between the author and the reader and among the readers. With traditional books the reader has been isolated. With eConnect books the reader is in a community with the author and other readers.

eConnect books approximate the kind of interaction that often takes place in a workshop or a classroom. The workshop leader or teacher (author) communicates ideas and then asks participants or students (readers) to experiment with these ideas and communicate the result of those exercises. Workshop participants (readers) can then stay silent (keep their writings private) or communicate to all other participants, a small group of other participants, or just to the workshop leader (author.)

It is this type of interactivity and communication that allows most workshops or classrooms to produce changes more dramatic and enduring than when people just read a book.

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We can host your books on our platform or sell you our proprietary software so that you can establish your own community of readers.

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