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The purpose of eConnect Books is to revolutionize how readers interact with books. Over thirty years ago, Dave Ellis started a publishing company to create and distribute books that he wrote so those books could be unique in their design and interactive. This publishing company was highly successful, and Ellis's book sales have exceeded 5 million. His motivation continues to be reaching readers in a way that makes a permanent and significant improvement in the quality of their lives.

The printed books Ellis published were unusual in that they were full of pictures, illustrations, headlines, and subheads. They also included places for the readers to write and an invitation to share what they wrote with Ellis and other readers. With today’s technology, these types of interactive and graphically rich books can easily connect readers to each other and to the author.

eConnect Books has developed the software to provide reader-to-author and reader-to-reader interactivity. To compare the features in these new books, view this book comparison chart.

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