Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I purchased my eConnect Book, but where do I go to download it?
A. eConnect books are actually web applications that are to be viewed online in a browser. Or, if you have an iPad, the book is an app that gets downloaded from iTunes and allows offline viewing.

Q. Ok, so I don't download it, but how do I access it?
A. Each time you wish to view your book, sign back into this website using either Safari or Chrome to read the book. Here are the steps for accessing the book:

  1. Sign into the eConnect website on Chrome or Safari using this link: www.econnectbooks.com/Account/AccountLogin Provide the email address and password that you created during the purchase process. If you don’t remember your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the sign in page.
  2. After successfully signing in to the website, you will be redirected to your Dashboard where you will see an icon of the book. Click that icon and the book will open up in a new browser window.
  3. With the book open, you will see the book cover with a registration area, or if you’ve signed in already, it will display your name. If your name is not on the title page, enter your name, email, and password. Register so anything you write in the book will be saved on your computer and backed up on our servers. Once you’ve shared something in a note section, you will be able to see what others have shared for that same section.
  4. When you’re finished reading, close the browser window. When you want to read it again, go to step 1 and repeat the process. If you bookmark the website, you can quickly return to login and read your book again.

Q. I received an email with a Book Credit link and when I click it, it says it's either expired or used. Why is that?
A. During your purchase process, if you clicked the button to Activate and begin reading your book, you have already used your Book Credit. There is no need to be concerned, just visit the site using either Chrome or Safari, login using the steps above and you will be able to read your book.

Q. Why do I have to use Chrome or Safari?
A. eConnect books are packed with many new and exciting features. These features require a certain type of browser to allow them to function properly. At this time, only Chrome and Safari provide these capabilities.

Q. How do I bookmark a page?
A. Using the book notes accessible through the top toolbar, you can create notes that are available on every page of the book. These notes remember the page you were on when creating the note. Later, you can come back to view the note and click on the 'Go to page' link to take you back the page you were reading at the time you created the note.

Q. I've written notes throughout the book, but when I use the notes icon on the toolbar, they're not there. Where are my notes?
A. If you'd like to view all of your notes for the book, you can log into the website, econnectbooks.com, and from your Dashboard, navigate to the Notes section. Here you will find all of the notes for the entire book in one place. If you'd like, you can print them for future reference or as a backup. The notes that are accessible through the icon on the toolbar are your personal book notes. You can write notes independently of the exercises throughout the book. They can be used as bookmarks, as described above, or just to keep track of your own personal thoughts as you progress through the book. Notes that are created in the individual exercises throughout the book are only accessible on the pages in your book where you made the notes.